Adrian's Crazy Little Secrets To Safely Generating E-commerce & Affiliate Income Online
***The ones that are responsible for me making over $100k in a month this year, dozens of students who have quit their full time job, and the strategies that NO other course teaches.

Keep reading ONLY if you can handle the TRUTH...
(Pictured is me holding 2 YouTube Awards for reaching 100k subscribers on different channels... keep reading to find out how this experience makes my ecom strategies wildly different with average 7x-10x ROI across all my campaigns)
I didn't have a lot of money to begin with...
My first corporate job out of college was at Prudential Retirement working in a call center... my salary was $27,000 a year.

Which is honestly not that bad when you live in Iowa...

The only thing that made it feel like I was failing was that the year before I was traveling the world as a professional dancer for T-Pain living the dream.

Seriously...pictured below is me on stage right next to T-Pain.
So how did I go from mainstream professional dancer to making $27k a year in a call center?
Getting smacked in the face with the 'real world' once the tour ended killed my confidence and blurred my future.

I was afraid to be an entrepreneur with unstable income...and went with the 'safe' option to not pursue dancing or entrepreneurship and get a corporate job.

At the time I thought it was one of the smartest decisions I could make for the future of my business career.

It is to this day one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made.

When I caught up with friends after graduation they would say: 

"You are probably doing such big things man what are you up to!?

I remember being embarrassed to answer.

It had nothing to do with working in a call center... it had to do with the fact that I felt like I gave up on my dreams & potential.

This photo taken in 2011 reminds me of what people mean when they say 'starving artist'.

I remember being optimistic & passionate...but blindly unrealistic and terribly uneducated, with no clue how I was ever going to live my dreams again.
Let's just say I've come a long way since then...

- being embarrassed about how much money I make...

- being tied to a desk...

- failing to understand how to turn my passion of dance into a profit...

- fighting with my spouse about choosing which family to see during the holidays because of my limited PTO...

- wondering how I was ever going to be financially successful...
Have you ever felt any of those feelings before?
Pictured below is my wife & I at the home office in late 2018 right before we decided to sell our house & travel the world together... 

a dream we never thought would be our reality...
Let me ask you another question...
Why haven't you reached your goal yet?
When is it going to be YOUR turn to look, feel, and BE who YOU want to be?
I say that TODAY, RIGHT NOW, it is your turn...
So why am I telling you all of this?
You're probably thinking..."I've seen a million of these pages about Shopify & Drop Shipping programs and they all just look the same..."

You're probably thinking... "What makes what I have for you different, right?"
The answer is simple...

Most Shopify & ecommerce programs are made by people who haven't made any money themselves... 

or people who 'got lucky' with a product and then realized they could make more money selling a course vs creating a repeatable strategy that can scale across various niches, products, and even affiliate programs. 
I've discovered the 3 secrets to succeeding in building an online business without 'gambling' on testing random products and without spending a lot of money. 

This methodology is very different and has created passive income that is sustainable with 5X-10X ROI across my campaigns.
(but before I reveal the 3 secrets, let me tell you why this all makes sense...)
And YES... pictured below are REAL screenshots of mine from different stores that I own across multiple niches. The thing in common with all these campaigns I'm showing is that they all started from scratch.
Clothing Niche
Drop Shipping
$14k in 20 Days
55% Profit
Fitness Niche
Affiliate Marketing
$33k in 30 Days
57% Profit
High Ticket Items
Drop Shipping
$27k in 30 Days
32% Profit
B2B Niche
Private Labeling
$23k In a Week
60% Profit
Through MY OWN journey of making 6 figures in a year...

to 6 figures in a month...

to repeating the process across 7 different stores successfully...

... AND not to mention helping hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve their goals with my program...

There is NO ONE who cares more about your success than me. I have WALKED in your shoes...

... And just so you don't think I'm some random weirdo from the internet, let me introduce myself :)
My name is Adrian Brambila
and I became a professional hip hop dancer & full time entrepreneur while living in Iowa...
in the small town of Dubuque!

In college I spent hours watching YouTube tutorials on how to dance the robot...
and after 2 years I auditioned for T-Pain and made the tour!
1st Public Dance @ University of Dubuque Talent Show 2008
First Concert Touring With T-Pain in San Francisco 2010
It was extremely short lived and about 5 years ago, I was just like you in one way or another...


I wanted my confidence back...

I wanted to live my dream of escaping the 9-5

I wanted to never worry about paying bills...

I wanted to travel the world...

I wanted to make enough income so my wife could quit her job...

But it all seemed so HARD to do on my own...


I knew I needed to work hard but I didn't know what strategy was good and bad...

I had so many questions like... many products should I test?

...what does a good ad look like? do I know I'm not going to waste my money? do I build a site that will easily sell products? do I find 'winning products'?

The more I read on the internet the more confused I got...

Have you ever felt confused when it comes to all this marketing, drop shipping, affiliate, Shopify stuff?

THE ONLY THING I DID KNOW WAS THAT if I didn't figure it out every day I would check my phone only to see this...
So if you're anything like I was when I started, I always felt confused when it came to the "how to sell" part or 'running ads' part.
But It Wasn't Just the PAID ADS That I Felt Lost With...
It was the research and finding the products too...

... I remember when I first finally forced myself to put a product on my store

I was a NERVOUS wreck to spend any money on ads...

So then I convinced myself that product wasn't the right one just to repeat the same process....

Again and again...

Then I convinced myself I wasn't ready to launch ads... 

So then I would buy a new course...

Again and again...

There are SOOO many different opinions out there on ecommerce...

It was HARD to know what I could trust...

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to the ads & research part?
But The HARDEST Part Of All...
Was trying to find people who would hold me accountable and help me FOCUS...

It seemed like every time I tried to ask for questions...

People would never truly explain themselves... but instead stick behind these 'screen shots' of sales numbers...

Look, I know what it's like.


So stick with me on this page...

and I'm going to help you with ALL of these things that we've both been through...

All these marketing 'gurus' and Shopify groups have turned 'gambling' in to a marketing strategy that is destructive, wasteful, and only works 5% of the time.

... that we need to keep testing products on Facebook till you find a winner...

WHAT THE HECK! That sounds like gambling!'s basically saying "Keep playing poker hands until you get a royal flush"


The truth is...

The best place to start testing and running ads is to people who already want to buy your product...

People you don't need to convince or distract with some fancy Facebook Ad. 

There is a much better place to start testing... and you can actually test using only text based ads... to people who literal type in...


(not exactly that... but basically...)

And these places exist in SEARCH ENGINES.

Facebook is a broad net... a Search Engine can be used like a dart hitting the bullseye.

When you test this way... it's possible to get your sale within your first 10 clicks... for less than $5... just like Valerie did below!
So many 'gurus' and posts you see in Shopify groups are constantly bragging about the latest Facebook optimization hack, or testing method of ad sets.

These type of learnings barely move the needle. Learning & mastering user intent is a million dollar value skill set that will never fade, never go out of style, and will always bring you revenue no matter what platform changes.
The First Time I Ever Launched a FB Ad Campaign...
I spent $269.55 and had nothing to show for it...
It seemed like everyone had just figured out Facebook ads posting these huge sales making thousands in a day and I just spent $269.55 and didn’t get anywhere.

It was so frustrating because I had spent all this time looking up Facebook Ad tutorials on the internet as well as listening to ‘gurus’ advice.
Looking back what I know now… I actually wasn’t doing anything wrong. 

I just was listening to the wrong advice and then applying it at the wrong time.
Luckily instead of giving up I started looking up other platforms to run ads on and came across Google Ads. 

What I fell in love with right away is the fact that you ONLY pay for your ad to be shown if someone wants to buy it!

Facebook shows your ad to people regardless if they are looking for your product or not. You have to pay to play. EXCEPT when you have built up the intelligence of your Facebook Pixel.

And that was the biggest opportunity and misunderstanding I had.
If you are brand new, have a new store, or are trying to market a new product that you haven’t sold before… Facebook actually is NOT the place you should begin (unless you got money in the bank).

Facebook Ads work very well for scaling ONLY if you have data to work with. Starting a new Facebook ad with a new pixel forces Facebook to waste a lot of your budget trying to figure out who your buyer is and in my professional opinion Facebook is way too expensive to be doing that for you.

That’s why every new store & new product I launch I ALWAYS start on Google Ads. Then once I’ve safely and conservatively built sales data that is collecting on my Facebook Pixel, I move over to Facebook ?

So back when I launched my first campaign nothing was actually wrong with my targeting, it all had to do with the fact that I had 0 sales data in my pixel. When I launched my first Ad on Google I was able to generate my first sale with just $15 in spend.

I was like what!?? Why is no one talking about Google Ads!?

Since I began I’ve produced millions of dollars in sales & leads using Google Ads and across my 7 Shopify stores 90% of my sales still come from Google.


To know someone's user intent is to know exactly what they want to buy, when they want to buy, and how much they want to pay for it. 

As long as Search Engines exist like Google, Amazon, YouTube, Ebay, Etsy, and more... mastering User Intent will be the easiest way to make money online.

Someone literally searches for this every month...

"Expensive leather couches"

(Actually... 110 people specifically search that on average every month LOL. You can literally look up keyword research to get volume on each search phrase)

That means someone is literally wanting to buy an expensive leather couch....

Why not drop ship high end furniture to those 110 searches!?

But I know what you are thinking... 110 is a pretty small number...

Which leads me to my...
Ever heard that when running a Facebook ad your audience needs needs to have 1 million people in it... or a size of 500k... or some other size!?

I've heard it all... and that's some bogus stuff. 

You don't need 100,000 of people to sell to in order to make 6 figures.

In fact... you could only need 110 searches!

Let's bring back that expensive leather couch example.

If you Google search 'expensive leather couch' you'll get price ranges anywhere from $3k-$15k. 

Let's say we were going to sell a leather couch right in the middle at $7,000.

I want you to NOT focus on the number of searches for that search phrase... but think about the people behind that phrase... the user intent.

You can gather the following user intent behind the person making the search...

A. They have money to spend by putting in the word 'expensive'
B. They want something of high quality
C. They want to buy an expensive leather couch (haha sorry had to put this in here to make it that obvious of how easy this is)

If 110 people are making that search... and the average sofa costs $7,000.

That means every single month there is an estimated $500,000-$700,000 being sold each month...

110 People X Buying a couch @ $5k-$7k = $500k-$700k

So if you ran an ad and captured just 2% of the market...

Which would mean selling literally just 2 couches...

You would make $10k-$14k per month...

Even if your profit margin was just 30%... and you needed to spend $500 in ads to get just one order... you would still make a profit of over $2,000 per month!
So the VOLUME of numbers don't matter... it's the QUALITY of the data.
But you want to know the best part!?

When you are getting traffic through a qualified behavior from a search engine... 

You can capture that data via Facebook Pixel.

And then create look a like audiences from the extremely qualified data you are getting from Google or YouTube...

And when you eventually run ads on Facebook... you will never have to guess about who your audience is...

You can just use Look A Like data from search traffic you are getting...

And that concept works like CRAZY...
Quick Question...
So everything you just learned has been awesome right?

Has it opened your mind and changed the way you think about ecommerce?

Now you know the TRUTH that...

1. Never start your initial product testing of things to sell on Shopify on Facebook (unless you want to waste money).

2. Mastering user intent and research is the most valuable skillset you can learn in the game of online marketing.

3. Value quality data vs quantity... as you learned you can make $10k a month with just 110 searches per month.

THE Question Is...
Do you want my help to implement all of this and make it super easy in your life to start getting results RIGHT NOW?
If "yes", I have something for you...
No more Shopify courses from people who haven't made any sales...


A tried and true blueprint for your success...

A complete playbook & step by step process for you to follow...
Start Your FREE 7 Day Experience Today
Over 40 Video Lessons & Weekly Live Training Showing REAL CAMPAIGN DATA...
 Week 1 - Foundation & Fundamentals
  • Intro to Marketing Fundamentals​- No matter how much experience you have or don't have most people don't understand these 7 important lessons about how to create high converting traffic
  • Front End Traffic - Syncing your data across Google Analytics, YouTube, and more for conversions and sales automation
  • Keyword Anatomy - Set up the power for AI & machine learning based ads leveraging Google's algorithm
  • Building a Successful Shopify Store - Did you know you can leverage data to build a winning store? That's what we do!
  • Shopify Walk Through - Get a real behind the scenes of a store that does 5 figures per month from Google.
 Week 2 - Infrastructure & Data
  • Algorithm - Learning the beast of Google's algorithm and how to leverage it to campaign success
  • Ad - Walk through of REAL ads and insights on how to create profitable ads
  • Cost - Budget strategies to gain confidence on when to scale and when to cut budget
  • Data Science​- Get a crash course on data science to finally understand the metrics of what to look for when building, optimizing and scaling a campaign. 
 Week 3 - Master Consumer Behavior Research
  • Marketing Insights​- Mastery of insights of collateral data and decision making for success
  • Return on Investment - Data analytics on key performance indicators to make sure your campaigns generate an ROI
  • Lead Generation - Research of competition to determine if keywords are worth investing in
  • Winning Products - Learn how to find trending, evergreen and winning products
  • Testing Products Without Spending Money - Get our testing calculator that validates if you should test a product WITHOUT spend.
 Week 4 - Campaign Strategy, Optimization & Scaling
  • Bid Strategy - Learn when to leverage machine based learning & Manual & Enhanced CPC Campaigns
  • Behavioral Remarketing - Create dynamic ads based on actions taken on landing pages tracked through Google Analytics
  • Google Shopping - Learn how to automate product testing & generate sales on the Google Shopping network
  • Step By Step Conservative Campaign Testing- Learn the exact step by step process I use to test products spending as low as $10
  • CASE STUDY - Behind the scenes of strategies, ads, product, and targeting on scaling from $0 - $5,000 in 48 hours
  • CASE STUDY - Learn how to market for time sensitive events and transitioning from drop shipping to buying in bulk using a live documentary of scaling to over $10k in 4 days
  • CASE STUDY - Behind the scenes walkthrough of a real campaign, ad, and product of scaling from $0 - $18,000 in 30 days
 Week 5 - YouTube Ads & Diversification
  • YouTube Ads - Learn arguably the most underutilized and most profitable ad campaigns currently on the internet
  • Affiliate Marketing - Learn how to leverage search engines & YouTube for highly effective affiliate marketing
  • Email Marketing​- Learn how to generate flows & segments to convert traffic
 Bonus - Done For You Winning Product Research
  • Winning Product Research - Get hundreds of data validated winning products to test and sell ASAP
  • USA Drop Ship Products - Stop using AliExpress and get access to my exclusive USA drop ship suppliers
  • High End Furniture & More - Why sell $20 items when you can sell $2,000 items like high end furniture from the USA?
They Call Me 'Mr.Transparent' Watch Me Make $10,000 in 4 Days (Store Reveal)
No more Shopify courses from people who haven't made any real money...

Featured On The Official Shopify Masters Podcast
If you want to learn more about me and some of my strategies look no further than the Official Shopify Masters Podcast where I was interviewed for taking one of my stores from $0-$18k in 30 days from scratch!
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Steve's 1st Big Win After The Course
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